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Through its sponsorship of Handicap International projects worldwide, the Berlin Sperm Bank (Berliner Samenbank) provides support to many children and their families. If you would also like to help:

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Berliner Samenbank GmbH
Sperm Bank

Tasks of the Berliner Samenbank GmbH

The Berliner Samenbank GmbH operates in two connected business areas. Under the management of physicians, we perform

  • the 'traditional' tasks of a sperm bank, collecting and storing donor sperm, as well as providing sperm to doctors and patients;

  • in addition, we ensure the proper cryopreservation of sperm and eggs, as well as ovarian and testicular tissue.


SpermTask and responsibilities:

Thanks to enormous scientific and technical progress, it is now possible to achieve the almost unimaginable. Even after years of storage at -196 °C and the freezing-induced absolute cessation of cell functions, human life can develop. Previously frozen egg cells can be fertilised with sperm that has been in storage in a nitrogen tank for 5 or 10 years. Eggs that had already started the fertilisation process before being frozen can complete the process after being thawed, even after many years of completely "suspended cell function".

EmbryoThe possibilities offered by cryogenic technology give hope in the face of a threatened loss of future fertility due to a forthcoming cancer treatment. Strands of tissue taken from the ovary, which can be reimplanted in the body, for example, after cancer treatment, can once again produce hormones and eggs. The (partially) fertilised eggs very often resulting from artificial insemination can be used for subsequent treatment cycles with far less time and effort.

Life develops from deep-frozen cells.


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